How many pieces do I need to buy if I want to fully using cloth diapers?
Usually, you will need at least 6 pcs per day. If you want to fully CD, 10-12 pcs is enough, but, if you have more CD (20-30 pcs), you don't have to wash CD everyday because you'll have enough stock for 3 days.

Do I need to buy any other item after I purchase the cloth diapers for additional features (if there is any)?
No need. But, if you want to buy additional inserts, you can buy with us.

Is the cloth diaper thick?
Yes. The cloth diaper is a bit thick but this is for better absorbency and longer hour usage.

What is the difference between disposable diapers & cloth diapers?
Everyone knows the benefits of disposable diapers. However, the disadvantages of using disposable diapers are not economic, expensive, bad breathability, not comfortable for baby, easy to cause dermatitis, not environmental friendly, not re-usable.

Cloth diapers have better breathability, reusable, no chemical, more economical, longer usage time with button / tape designs and save a lot of money. However, you will need to wash the cloth diapers.

Will my baby feel dry wearing the cloth diaper made of microfleece lining?
Yes. Microcfleece got the wicking ability. That's mean that it can wick the moisture pass through the insert, but the fleece itself will be dry. Solid waste will rolled out the fleece easily and can be wash easily also.

Do I need to soak the diaper a few hours before washing?
No you don't have too. You can give it a bit scrub with soap, and then leave it and wash it when you are ready. It doesn't need to be wash immediately. You can collect all the used diaper for the day and wash it at night or the next morning in the washing machine.

Can I put extra insert on the pocket diaper to be more absorbent?
Of course you can. That's the beauty of cloth diaper. You can customized the inserts. If your baby is a heavy weater, then you can use two inserts for night. Or else, the regular inserts made out of microfiber is sufficient for the day.

For night use, how long it can last?
Should last you for 10-12 hours without change, with 2-3 inserts. Comparatively, it should be equivalent to one Mamy Poko disposable diaper. You will need to change the baby in the morning.

How long can the diaper last?
If you follow the wash and care instruction, it should last you more than one child, meaning that if you cloth diaper your first child for 2 years, the same diaper can be worn for the following and following childs.