Berikut adalah beberapa reviews drp pengguna2 CD yg saye petik dari beberapa website & forum. Mungkin membantu bagi mereka yg baru nak mencuba CD-ing baby masing2... (^_^) ...

1) Fluene said:
"I just wanted to share my experience, my baby had been using disposable diapers since he's newborn, but then, he had always had diaper rash. I tried several dispo brands & at the same time, several rashes creams, but it was still the same..Later I found out that it's not because of the brands, but the chemical things in the dispo...then, I decided to stop using dispo & changed to CD, after CD-ing him, the result was not bad. His rashes has since become better & now is almost totally gone...So, for me, the CD helps the healing of my bb's bottom... :) "

2) Mama Mia said:
" I like Coolababy most from other brands...beautiful design, great absorption & the most important thing...very REASONABLE price...I bought it only RM 41.90 for 1 pant plus 2 inserts..."

3) Mom 2 4 Girls said:
" I started my cloth diapering addiction with this diaper. It was my "gateway diaper" into cloth! The Coolababy one size pocket diaper convinced me that cloth diapering is the only thing for us. I let a friend who used BG try one coolababy & she actually just ordered 15 coolababy AIO one size diapers because she liked my pocket diaper so much and needed to replenish her stash since she's on baby!!!! I've washed my diapers in both hot and cold water and haven't had any problems. I always dry them on warm and heat with a wool dryer ball. I haven't had any problems, I love them as much now as I did when I got them. Great colors, EXCELLENT price, especially if you're not sure cloth is what you'll ultimately end up using."

4) Sarah said:
" My husband and I love this diaper. It has an excellent fit for our son and wish I could find more. I rate this as top, and I have many popular brands. Snaps are secure (I haven't had any 'seconds' type issues with our diapers) and we even use these at night! Fun colors, great fit, and really easy to use. We started using these 3 months ago and our son was 4 months already. I cannot vouch for the fit of a newborn, but I think this diaper is top of the line."

5) Apple Matters said:
"I love them...want to buy more but the only problem I have had was my son is a heavy wetter and I have to doubler up the inserts. The price was great. The colors are beautiful! I have not had stain or sme:ll problems so far. I want to add snaps type for my smaller baby because for me they run a little on the bigger size ( or my babies are on the smaller size Im not sure). But, I love them for the most part."

6) Akma said:
" Antare velcro type & snap button, lebih senang pakai velcro bila bb dh besar, dia dh pandai bukak sendiri velcro pade sy, sy vote pd snap. "

7) Umina said:
" dlm byk2 brand cd, umi paling suka coolababy n babyland. dua2 brand ni murah tapi sgt berkualiti! lunatots pun ok, cuma kecik sikit berbanding yg lain. "

8) Mahiran said:
" Kitorg pakaikan twins kitorg far ok je...dh 5 bln lbh kitorg pakaikan bbland ok2 je..xde kebocoran..mlm2 pakaikan 2 insert..bbland best coz sbb plg senang nk cuci kaler poo poo yg melekat tu..harge pn murah..sue suke pattern printed tu..cantek! ;) "